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Mom In Balance


  • Our 60-minute outdoor workouts offer a mix of fitness and strength exercises. Every workout can be done at your own level and you can start any program whenever you want. Our workouts are always outdoors, come rain or shine.

    What you need to bring

    We recommend that you bring a bottle of water and a resistance band (you can buy your band with your trainer during the first workout). During the cold winter months, it is best to wear several layers of thin sports clothing, so you will stay warm and comfortable when training in the fresh air. 

    Which workout is best for you?

    Choosing the most suitable workout program is basically quite obvious. But you can always contact us for personal advice if you are not sure, because you feel that you are physically in between different phases. Are you already a member? You can easily switch to another workout program or change your membership in your Member account. 

    Physical condition

    The Mom in Balance workout programs are accessible for all levels. You are always welcome, no matter how fit (or not) you are! Our trainers make sure that the exercises are adequately differentiated within the group so you can do the workouts at your own pace.


    We aim to work with regular groups to ensure an optimal workout experience, but a more flexible training schedule on different days is possible if this suits you better. You start with choosing a regular workout day during the week, but you can just as easily swap your workouts in your Member account. 

  • Congratulations, you're pregnant! You are welcome to join our Pregnant workouts from the moment you know you’re pregnant. Most participants start around the 12th to 16th week of their pregnancy. You are also more than welcome to join later during your pregnancy. The workouts can generally be done until your due date.

    Multiple pregnancy

    We fully realize that a multiple pregnancy is no ordinary pregnancy and that it may require some customization. We will happy to support you in any way and make sure that your trainer explains how to differentiate during the workout.

    Your due date is near

    It is always good to work on your physical condition, even (shortly) before your due date. Just come and join us! From your due date, your membership will be temporarily put on hold for the next 6 weeks, after which it is automatically reactivated and changed from Pregnant to Back in Shape. But what if you're not ready to take part again after these 6 weeks? Don't worry, you can change the starting date as a Back in Shape member in your Member account. 

    Your favorite Back in Shape workout(s)

    You can schedule your favorite workouts again via your Member account whenever you start training again.

    Pelvic (floor) complaints

    Most pelvic (floor) complaints should not refrain you from continuing the workouts. Actually, it is recommended to keep exercising to strengthen the muscles around the pelvis. We do recommend, however, that you get professional advice from a registered pelvic floor therapist before you start training again. Apart from that, it is crucial that you listen to your body. Don't work out when you are still experiencing pain and inform our trainer about your specific complaints so she can take them into account.

    After birth

    If the date you have given birth deviates from your due date, please indicate this via your Member account. Your membership and the payments will be put on hold for 6 weeks from that date. When you have a monthly membership and you don’t want to be transferred to the Back in Shape program automatically, you can terminate your membership in your Member account. Please remember the notice period of 1 month.

  • Welcome, little one(s)!

    Congratulations! Your baby has arrived! You have done such an amazing job. To fully enjoy motherhood and feel full of energy again, working on your physical recovery after having your baby is always a wise decision.

    Start exercising again

    You can start our Back in Shape program from the 6th week after you have given birth. If your delivery was hard, long, and/or there were some complications, you should first consult with your gynecologist or obstetrician before you start.

    Did you deliver your baby longer ago and do you want to start working out? Great! We do recommend that you first start with our Back in Shape program before you move on to our Mpower program (although you may be able to move on sooner than you think).

    Cesarean section

    You can even start with our Back in Shape program after 6 weeks after a cesarean section. Please consult with your gynecologist or obstetrician first before you start.

    Automatic transfer to the Back in Shape workouts

    From your due date, your membership is automatically put on hold for 6 weeks. Your membership starts again automatically after 6 weeks when your workout program and membership will also be changed from Pregnant to Back in Shape. But what if you're not ready to take part again after these 6 weeks? Don't worry, you can change the starting date as a Back in Shape member in your Member account. 

    Did you get your baby earlier or later? Please change the date in your Member account and the automated reactivation of your membership will be adjusted. 

    Informing of delivery date

    More likely than not, your delivery date will deviate from the due date. Please indicate the delivery date within 6 weeks after you had your baby in your Member account. The starting date of your Back in Shape membership will be automatically adjusted. 

    Adjusting the Back in Shape starting date

    Do you need more time to recover after the delivery, or do you have another reason to start later? No problem. You can always change the date you want to start working out again in your Member account. You can adjust your starting date up to 12 weeks after the delivery date.

    Ready for Mpower

    We recommend that you wait at least five months after giving birth to start the Mpower workout program. Discuss your situation with the trainer and/or follow the checklist in your Member account. Or perhaps you want to do a trial workout first? Great! Just use the option for the free Mpower trial workout in your Member account.

  • Ready, Set, Go! Mpower is an intensive workout that combines challenges, competition and fun to really boost your body and mind. This workout is great for all women who like a challenge and want to bring out the best of themselves. 


    The Mpower workout is suitable for all levels. Even when your physical condition is not that great (yet). Our professional trainers will advise you on the exercises you can do and at what intensity. We recommend that you wait at least five months after giving birth to start the Mpower workout.

    The Mpower workout lets you build up the exercises at your own pace. We will motivate you to join our workouts weekly so you will be super fit again in no time!

    Are you in good physical health and condition? The Mpower workouts offer intensive exercises that let you challenge yourself at your own level, especially when you feel really fit and want to put yourself to the test! 

    More than a workout

    The Mpower workout regularly focuses on one particular aspect, such as the core or the buttocks & legs. All Mpower members have access to our home routine videos so you can continue your exercises at home. You keep track of your progress in your Member account and we’ll challenge you to push yourself just that little bit more. This is how you make your workout even more effective! We also organize Mpower clinics and we have special Body & Mind challenges with tips on nutrition and relaxation.

  • MpowerNext is a total body workout developed for women from 40 years old. With a mix of cardio and strength training combined with flexibility this workout is targeted to your changing workout needs. Targeted exercises will help you develop a strong body. You also lend your body a hand in preparing for the menopausal period by regulating the hormonal balance.

    O Less shock load like jumping
    O Focusing on strength combined with flexibility
    O Challenged on your workout level
    O Preventing injuries

    Why MpowerNext?
    MpowerNext is designed for women in the next phase. Hormonal changes take place in the body when women from 35 years onwards. This causes a temporal imbalance. In this phase women generally experience physical complaints (sometimes without being conscious of this). By listening to the changes in the body in an early stage you can go through this phase in a powerful way and reduce the severity of menopausal complaints. 

    O The changing body requires a different way of working out
    O Learn to recognize complaints, accept these and know how to deal with them 
    O Use it, or loose it - keep your body strong, flexible and fit!


    By training with the right guidance and targetted to your body's needs, we help women to get the best out of themselves in this phase. In MpowerNext you can expect that you will be challenged on your level. The focus of the workout is flexibility and strength.

    Is MpowerNext for me?
    Do you recognize yourself in the following points? Then definitely try out MpowerNext!

    O For women from approximately 40 years and older 
    O You want to be challenged! 
    O You're ready for the next phase (with Mom in Balance)
    O You want to be fit and energetic now and in the future

    Where can I join?
    O You will find all planned MpowerNext workouts in your (local)schedule.

    I have an unlimited membership, but there are only a few MpowerNext workouts where I train
    Within an MpowerNext subscription, you can also use the Mpower workouts.

    I just had my baby and think MpowerNext is a great workout for me, can I start with MpowerNext?
    From 6 weeks after your delivery you can join our Back in Shape workout to work on your recovery. When you've recovered enough you can discuss with your trainer if you can switch to MpowerNext.

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