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  • We’re super happy that you want to join us for your workouts! You have the option to train once or week or unlimited. You can easily switch your membership from the Pregnant workout, Back in Shape, to Mpower. And you can switch between training once a week or unlimitedly. Just adjust your workout membership in your Member account.

    Once-a-week workout membership

    This membership allows you to choose one regular workout moment per week. When you want more flexibility and decide not to pick one fixed moment, you can spend one credit per week to come to the workout that suits you best.

    Unlimited workout membership

    This membership allows you to choose two regular workout moments per week. Apart from these regular moments, it offers you the flexibility to schedule an unlimited number of extra workouts in your Member account.

    Minimal duration membership

    With a monthly membership, the minimal duration of your membership is one month. Please note that your monthly membership has no fixed end date, meaning that it doesn't stop automatically after one month but continues until you indicate that you want to cancel your membership. The cancellation notice period is one month. 

    The memberships automatically continue as an indefinite membership at the same price.

    Regular workout moment

    We aim to work with regular groups to ensure an optimal workout experience, but you can easily change to another day or time in your Member account when this suits you better. Do you want to change your regular workout moment? Simply adjust this in your Member account. 

    Switch to another workout program

    Naturally, you can switch to another workout program during your membership period. Your trainer will be able to offer you good advice on which workout would be best for you. You can easily switch to another workout program or change your membership in your Member account. 

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