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Back in Shape

Yes, a bit of me-time! The Back in Shape workout is a responsible and constructive workout program that focuses on the initial recovery after the delivery. You can start working out at an easy pace from 6 weeks after you had your baby. Join a group of other new moms living near you and get back in shape with our outdoor workouts. We will have you feeling strong and full of energy in no time!

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An active first step in your recovery after the delivery

The Back in Shape workout is developed in collaboration with gynaecologists and pelvic floor therapists. Our trainers are all experts: internally and properly trained to ensure that you perform the exercises responsibly. Our Back in Shape workout is suitable for all women, regardless of your physical condition and how well-trained you are.

With our Back in Shape program:

  • You work actively on the first step of your recovery after giving birth

  • We focus on your core and pelvic floor

  • You will feel physically and mentally stronger

  • You can meet and share experiences with other mothers living near you

*Consult with your obstetrician or gynecologist during the postpartum check-up after six weeks whether you could start working actively on your physical recovery and condition. This goes for both natural and caesarian deliveries.


Mom in Balance is a step above your usual outdoor boot camp class in the way it’s structured to provide physical exercise, strength and training specifically for moms. I’ve been very impressed with their trainer, who have helped to heal my Diasis Recti in the postpartum period after the birth of my 3rd baby. With careful exercise and guidance, I felt supported


I'll be forever grateful to Mom in Balance they helped me recover from pelvic pain after a twin pregnancy. In only few weeks I started to see an improvement until my total recovery only few month from when I started. Their personalized approach to training makes it possible to go at your own pace/level and still feel you are using your whole potential.


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